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blvkdlyfe said: Are you serious about yung sherman being dead..?



Sherm Will never die


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"IGGY rapping sounds like Eminem’s sarcastic voice mimicking his Ex Wife…."
my friend’s Facebook status. (via yesixicana)

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"Why Nebraska?"

My premise as a designer is rooted in merging different worlds together. The spirit of Aaron Bondaroff and the era in streetwear that birthed the likes of brands like Nom de Guerre and crashing that against a level of chicness that exists in a casual luxury not luxury-luxury brand.

The women’s collection is entitled “Nebraska” which for me is a metaphor for “in-the-middle” Middle American collegiate schools spirit. As seen in reinterpreted Big-Ten college sweatshirts, pushed-pulled-elongated layered pleated skirts as a take on an abstracted cheerleading silhouette.

The banana leaf print I had hand painted in Lake Como is meant yo reference both the Beverly Hills Hotel and Paul Sevigny’s club, Paul’s Baby Grand. For me this collection is typified by guy and girls who fit seamlessly into both environments. Same decor vastly different behaviors.

So the collection is about that middle ground.


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Ian 💔😔

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Alexander Wang.

Daily Fashion.

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